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You are going to be a mentor for a new social care worker as part of their induction process, part of your role is to help them prepare for the review after their probation period.
Reflective practice is a process where you stop and think about your practice and how you’re working, consciously analyse your decision making and whether you need to evaluate and refocus on your existing knowledge and helps you generate new ideas.
Reflective practice is important as you know how well you’re doing, and what you may need to improve on and what can be done for you to improve and make you feel comfortable with what you’re doing.
Reflective practice contributes to improving the quality of service provision, as this shows what you may
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It should also include your goals with the time scale which shows how long you think it will take to achieve your goals. Another thing it could include would be your previous plan and what you have already achieved this just shows how well your progressing. It could also include the feedback from your team leader or manager, this shows how well you’re doing and what they think of you and your …show more content…
Which needs to be changed as soon as possible and has to be taught to others about giving out better care to their customers, as this is unfair on them and things could get serious and could make the customers upset. Also if you value the people around you it would make the environment a better place to be working in, and better relationship between you and the residents and also the other carers you work alongside with. The politic side of beliefs and religions could also affect your working practice as these people spread the word about what they think is right, so it could affect the people you work with sometimes because they will only do certain things. For example, if we bring religion into it, a lot of people will only give personal care to one gender, either males or females which is sometimes unfair because you’re not allowed to do that in most care homes, so that would make the working practice poor as the work load is not equal for all the members of

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