Self Reflection Paper About Plagiarism

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Life is a journey whereby you meet different people, live through different experiences and experience many challenges some life altering. Self reflection is an important process as it helps you to grow and learn about yourself. It is important to understand where you have come from in order to move forward. “Reflection is an active engagement with knowledge and experience rather than being passive, staying where you are and looking back ” (Ip, 1996).
The purpose of this reflection paper is to critically discuss how the experience of being caught with plagiarism has affected my life, how my family members’ illnesses have attributed to my doing poorly in this course and how the stress of worrying and caregiving resulted in my negative choice of words when expressing my feelings, frustrations and concerns to my professor. Throughout my life I have always been told to properly cite the information that I gathered for
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I never thought that I would be stuck in the situation that I am in today. This whole process seems very surreal to me, it was as if I could not believe that it was happening to me. Knowing that it did happen, I knew I had to appeal because it was something that I would never do intentionally. Having a sister who is in her 4th year of biology at the university of Ottawa, the topic of plagiarism has often been discussed and the serious consequences of being caught with plagiarism is not worth taking the risk especially when it would mean failing the course or being expelled from the institution. “Unintentional plagiarism occurs for many reasons, including the author 's unfamiliarity with citations and reference styles, failure to accurately proofread manuscripts, lack of

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