Susan D. Blum, Academic Integrity And Student Plagiarism

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“International students cheat all the time. It is pretty unbelievable how often I have seen them cheating.” This is a comment about international students who study in western countries posted in China Business. Other similar querulous comments like “foreign students are more prone to plagiarism” “most of overseas students cheated to get in” are made more and more as the number of international students are increasing. It seems like international students have been labeled an impression of dishonesty in western academic community. But do international students plagiarize more or less than domestic students? According to The 2013 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, the number of international students reached a record high …show more content…
In Susan D. Blum’ s article “Academic Integrity and Student Plagiarism: a Question of Education, Not Ethics,” she makes an excellent analysis about the issue of plagiarism in America. She points out two different views of plagiarism in western academic community recent years, that is, either treating plagiarism as a matter of morality or as a crime. However, nether of theses two approaches are failed, because there are many factors, like friendship, can incite students to break the honor codes, and many students still choose to ignore rules governing academic integrity. Thus, she concludes that for American students, plagiarism is not an issue of ethics, instead, it reflects a big problem in education. To prevent American students to plagiarize, like what she says: “Treating academic integrity as a constellation of skills, taught largely through the long apprenticeship of higher education, is the most promising approach for getting students to follow the rules of academic citation, and the one with the least likelihood of providing a shortcut.” But how about the issue of plagiarism among international students? Are they in the same situation with domestic

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