The Reflection Of The Defining Characteristics Of Professional Practice

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Reflective practice is a way of studying your own experiences to improve the way you work and it is a great way to increase confidence and become a more proactive and qualified professional. Donald Schon (1987) suggested that the capacity to reflect on action so as to engage in a process of continuous learning was one of the defining characteristics of professional practice (Schon, D. 1987). Throughout this reflective essay I will discuss the process of my business plan, my learning, highlights and the many challenges I faced when completing the business plan and also when presenting my business plan to various professionals. I will use Gibbs Reflective Cycle for guidance throughout this essay.
For this module I was asked to complete and
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I enjoyed this part of the business plan as I got to organise events such as an open day for the local community. This is extremely important part of the business plan as it allows the target market to give feedback about the Montessori school. Throughout the business plan there were difficulties in terms of finding out what funding was available, finding a suitable premises and completed a financial plan for the first three years of the business. However after much needed research and communication with professional who own a business I got the help I needed in order to complete this business plan successfully. Towards the end when I had completed the business plan I felt proud of what I had accomplish in terms of decided on what service to provide and actually imagining developing my idea into a reality in the …show more content…
I enjoyed the experience of completing such an in depth task and learned how to successfully complete profit and loss accounts outlining the costs coming in and out of the business. However, I found the financial aspect of the business plan including all the projections, profit and loss accounts etc. to be very difficult and time consuming as my experience in this area was very limited. In order to overcome this I sought the help of my brother who happened to be studying a business course. If I was to complete this business plan again I would probably use another kind of setting such as a full day care facility as this is definitely another area which I would like to experience in the future. The reason in which I didn’t chose to complete a business plan on a full day care facility as there are a number of these types of services within the area according to the area profile in which I carried out while researching if there was a need for a Montessori

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