Reflection On Reflective Work

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I would probably change my encouraging methods and be more assertive about getting professional assistance, such as talking to the experts about what was going through their minds. Another change would be to put more energy towards my assignments and ask for help from my tutors rather than holding it all inside. Model used for my second piece of reflection is Schon’s model of reflection (Smith, 2005).
This has helped me to view life differently, as we all think nothing is going to happen to us even at the worst of times. I’m much more appreciative of life and health of myself, family and friends. Doing this reflective work has made me think about what I could change in the future like asking for help from tutors or colleagues. The learning
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Starting assignments from the introduction lessons might have been a good idea, as then a rough draft of work gets done along the way and can adjustments can be made prior to submitting.

What I need to develop on is having faith and belief in myself that I can work without as much teaching and assistance as what I got for my level 5. Believing in myself and the work that I do is a big development for me, as I am quite a negative person when it comes to my work and grade that I’ll be given. Out of the two learning cycles the one I used for this reflective piece is Schon’s model of reflective (Smith, 2005).
This reflective piece has been good as it gave me the chance to think about how I can change the way I work and making time for everything without overworking. This process will continue as I’m thinking of doing my nursing degree in the future unsure of when.
This piece of work has helped me to think of ways that I can develop for any future studying that I might do like nursing. Things that I can change are believing in myself, being more organised with my work plan and putting more of my practice into my theoretical work as it helps when writing assignments when

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