The Work Reflection

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Kyle Schairer
Academic Planning
August 30, 2017
“The Work”

“The Work” by Wes Moore, is a novel that concerns a young man and his journey through life. Along his path, Wes explains that those he had encountered with had helped to inspire and teach him valuable lessons throughout his journey. These personal experiences had guided Wes and shaped him into the person he has become. I personally connect with Wes, with my own life experiences and relationships. I've had a lot of mentors and role models throughout my 18 years. Whether it was academic advice from a teacher, a new wrestling move from a coach, or a reality check from my parents, I am grateful for every encounter I’ve had with those who’ve had me in their best interest. My
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He learned that different people from different cultures are somehow connected in some way. That someone always has something to share about themselves that you have no prior knowledge of. I'm really looking forward to learning about others lifestyles that differ from my own. Not only will people share this to me, but I have the chance to express who I am and where I come from to them. Moore claims that college is a place that people meet new people of different backgrounds, and everyone is exposed to brand new opportunities. I see college as a stepping stone to really utilize the people I'm surrounded by to really seek my fullest potential. Another opportunity for me at Brockport is to further my career in wrestling. Getting the chance to wrestle for such a prestigious and historic wrestling team for the next four years is something that really gives me confidence and support to fulfill my goals. Being on a college wrestling team will teach me how to be persistent to work hard to achieve my goals on and off the matt. I've had a lot of experience being on teams with a lot of great history and successful coaches. Being mentored by an outstanding coach and professor at …show more content…
We’re all very focused and driven to get whatever task on hand done. I feel people from the same town generally act the same and tend to have great chemistry and a strong bond together. Everyone wants to fit in somehow no matter what. In my town, the best way to fit in is to play a sport. The College at Brockport will be a whole new experience for me, but I know that Brockport has the same feeling my town does of having such a big following and passion in the school's sports programs. I hope that by playing a sport in college, I will have the chance to make strong bonds among roommates, friends, and teammates. Code switching could really impact my first year. It could improve the person I once was into a more experienced and knowledgeable young adult. I think code switching is the best option for me to really find friends and to feel comfortable about the person I am. Wes, was able to code switch throughout his life. During his younger days in the Bronx to present time when he was trying to fit in traveling around the Middle East. As Wes said, using code switching could benefit you in any given

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