Personal Narrative: A Career In Car Sales

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If my lifelong dream were to enter into a career in selling, I would pursue a sales career in the car sales industry. I would love to be able to interact with customers on a daily basis, and to help them by putting them into a car that best suits their wants and needs. I believe this would be a satisfying role for me to play at a car dealership or other place of business where I could potentially get a job in car selling. Car salespersons, as you probably know, have a bad reputation sometimes for being dishonest and deceptive. One of my goals as a car sales man would be to turn that reputation around, and to prove that stereotype wrong. Some of my main duties as a car salesperson would be to show cars, oversee test drives, maintain positive …show more content…
This is done in part by the marketing of the dealership to first get the customer into the building. To gain the customer’s attention, I would first greet them politely with a smile, tell them my name, ask for theirs’, and ask them if I can do anything to help them that day. I would also ask questions like, what do you want out of your car? What kinds of features would you like? How much are you willing to spend? Are there any specific aspects of a vehicle you are looking for? What would it take to put you in the car of your dreams? For whom is the car? (Mom, Dad, son, daughter, ect.) What in your present vehicle would you also like in your new vehicle? These questions should get the attention of the customer. Next, in order to gain the interest of the customer in vehicles that match their specifications, I would direct their attention to any special deals or sales events the dealership is offering at that time. I would also show and describe featured vehicles at the dealership to them. The next step in the sales process is to cause the customer to desire the product. This step is all about making them want the product, in this case a particular car. This can be accomplished by highlighting the car’s special features, explaining how these aspects of the car are essential to the customer, and also by explaining how the car fits the image of their dream car perfectly. These points will cause the customer to start to really desire the product, and often times when someone begins to want something, they will not be able to easily “unwant” it. This, in a sense, is the customer trap. The next step in the sales process is coviction. In the step, you must not only convince the customer that they want the car, but that they need the car. To accomplish this step, one of the most important things a car salesperson can do is to put

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