Personal Leadership Philosophy: My Personal Philosophy Of Organizational Leadership

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I knew nothing about organizational leadership prior to my college graduation. Having completed undergraduate studies in public health naturally geared my focus towards a post-baccalaureate degree in this same field. Next, it dawned on me that I could not leave my family for a master in health administration at Ohio State University and I decided to find a plan B. This choice led me to enroll in the Organizational Leadership program once I secured a graduate assistant scholarship. After a verbal commitment to the graduate assistant position, a company I had previously applied to offered me a fulltime employment. For a moment, I was upset because had I not agreed to take on the graduate assistantship, I would be able to commence with the employment …show more content…
Leadership scholars describe leadership as:
A social process, rooted in the values, behaviors, skills, knowledge, and ways of thinking of both leaders and followers. It goes further to say that successful leaders need to understand people and organizations, tasks, and processes, current context and history, self and others. (Gallos,
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Leadership as a process considers many facets of influence spanning from modeling appropriate behavior, understanding others, and the exuding competency in one’s position. In short, this definition shows an interconnectedness between the leader, followers, and the organization. It is this wholesome approach that compelled me to reflect on my personal leadership philosophy not simply for the sake of doing an assignment but as an ongoing process. This inquiry helped me investigate my values, beliefs, and purpose in relation to career path and future aspirations. As such, I have discovered my primary governance style leans heavily towards the authentic leadership theory. I chose this philosophy because it requires being true to oneself. I believe that, the best I could be is, choosing a profession which coincides with my personal philosophy. My connection to this approach of leadership is the emphasis on a leader’s legitimacy. In 2008, Gallos’ Business leadership book stressed on, “being

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