Reflective Essay On Olivi's Good Ideas

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In the past few months a lot have happened to me mentally and physically, but I’m ready to move past it all. Below is a list of goals I have going for myself, a couple of which needs your assistance and approval.

Therapy: Personally, I know I still need therapy because I havent gotten a hand completely on how to handle my paranoid thoughts or hallucinations. I realize that my triggers are feeling overwhelmed/ excessive stree (whether internal or external), my nightmares, lack of sleep and lack of activity (my mind has too much free time to go wild). I hope to one day be able to reach the point where I only need therapy once or twice a month. For right now, I feel that I actually need it twice a week. I feel this way because therapy is an outlet for me to get all the thoughts that has been running my mind out and get advice on how to get a handle on whats going wrong for that week because at the moment I dont
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I have way too much going on right now so I hope that the Lords Place can be patient with me. I know I’ve been here two years already but I have been trying. With my mental and physical health I just dont feel like its time to be trying to get hired yet because I wont be able to hold a job down. However, I do need some sort of activity so I’ve come up with the idea of helping Ms. Dana run a group for the older kids on campus. I’ve already expressed to her that I am interested in being able to teach and be apart of the kids support system in a small way. I would like the responsiblity of being able to help run a group for the kids that is based on teaching them life skills and being a listening ear for them and much more. I was thinking it can be once a week or maybe every other week. I really want to be involved in our community. This idea would give me a chance to gain experience, face my fears, live up to my potential, be active and

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