Personal Goals In The Hospitality Industry

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Everyone has a personal goal in their life. This goal might be related to his work life or their social life, or both. My goal is related to my professional life and it includes my family as well, it’s a mixed bag. I want to open a restaurant in New York, and partnership with a few of my cousins or maybe even my sister. This is my dream job and I would love for it to come true.

The business in the hospitality industry has always attracted me. The business of restaurants gives a change to interact with people and serve them at the same time. It is a business that teaches about being courteous to people and provide them the best service one can. The business needs one to perform all the corporate social responsibilities and being in the industry
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In order to achieve the success I want to achieve with my restaurant, I would have to provide the best food to my customers, I would have to offer the best customer service, and treat customers as if they were home, so they can feel comfortable. I would like to include my staff in all the decision-making activities for the restaurant so that their inputs can help us in innovating more. Being a leader, I would like to make them feel empowered and attached with the restaurant so that they can work with their best possible …show more content…
Being a restaurant manager it is very important to maintain quality and ethical standards because any problem in service will result in the loss of a loyal customer who might be expecting quality of service from us. In the hospitality industry one expects courteousness and ethical standards and being a democratic manager I would like to get an ethics training first so that I can provide the same to others. Getting opinions from all the employees can allow my business partner and I to get to know our workers as their opinions might lead to better conclusions. As the profits increase, the restaurant will be able to pay back their share to the society and the customers as

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