Personal Narrative: My Personal Code Of Family

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Im 17. Everything is about my friends and having fun. When i was a child i was raised to live by the code of family. others believe im selfish and only focus on myself however, im a family person and care for everyone around me. Im a responsible, outgoing, and fun person. Family is what motivates me to become the best. With my dislikes, fascinations, and family; i get preapred for a successgul future.
The items and ideals I disapprove of communicate a lot about my personality. For example, my disapproval for texting and driving communicates that I am a safe person when driving. When driving you'll never see me using my phone and if I do have to use it I'll stop in a safe place. My dissaproval for texting and driving was creted when my dad
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My first time driving I was really nervous. My dad and I were on our way back home from the store when he suddenly stopped driving and got out of his gray Ford Ranger. He went to my side and told me to drive; I got on the driver seat and just sat there for five minutes pouring sweat. All I saw and heard were cars blazing next to me, when I finally had the courage to drive I was moving super slow. After a couple of minutes I started to get the hang of, it all came to me naturally. This was the beginning of my fascination for driving. This has turned me into a very competitive person. When I’m with my friends we will always argue about who has the fastest and best automobile. These arguments even took me and my friends having to go drive to a friend’s ranch to test our trucks. We raced, had a tug of war competition, and even put them through a mud pit. I was able to prove some of my friends wrong and the rest I couldn't beat. This fascination has also affected my education by motivating me to study at Lincoln Tech. I have even made an Instagram page dedicated to the greatest and best looking trucks across the …show more content…
My two biggest role models are my dad and grandpa, they have both taught me to always work hard and never let anything stop you. My dad has always told me to never look back at your mistakes and past and just keep moving forward. There's only one way to get through life and it's to keep working and try to move up in life. My dad uses his past experiences to help motivate me and go down the correct path. He came up with this advice when a friend did him wrong. It had taken my father several years to collect twenty thousand dollars; he was looking to start a business with his friend. He handed all his earnings to the friend he trusted, but instead of using it to start the business he used them to pay personal debts. My father was basically broke, but instead of letting this put him down he used this as motivation to keep working and he moved forward from that terrible past. He has always done everything with me and my siblings in his mind. When I was a child he created a character he would use to make me and my sister smile. When at work he would call me on his free time and he would say his friend wanted to talk to me. That “friend” he had was just him changing his voice into a cartoon character's voice. He would talk to me for a couple of minutes and before ending the call he would always tell me to behave because someday I would get to meet him. It was incredible for my dad to do this to make me smile and be happy. My second

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