Personal Narrative: The Via Family

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Every year my grandma invites all of her siblings to Indianapolis to come visit for two weeks. Now, that's not that long, but if you're my grandpa it's going to feel like an eternity. Four sisters fly in from California and one from Florida and one brother from just a few blocks away. For those two weeks every year he comes to all our sports games, picks us up from school and does basically anything to avoid the six girls staying at his house. Now, my grandma loves all of her sisters and brothers, but I know it would have to be hard to grow up with nine of them! So take a seat because I'm here to tell you all about it.
On April 21, 1949 came into this world a new member of the Via family. I guess it wasn't that unexpected for there had been
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Well my grandma thought different. Sharing a bed with two other girls there were tons of restless, sleepless nights. The house was never quiet, and there were so many chores. Apparently. At least that's what my grandma said. I really have no idea I have one brother and we are four years apart. Dont worry I will get to that later, at the good part or at least when I come into the story.
Now I know this next part is true. Not because I had Betty under a lie detector, because it sound just like something my brother would do. For some odd reason there was pot with scalding hot water sitting on the ground. I have no idea why it was on the ground, but it was. Well my grandma rushed in to see the pot and just at 5 years old you only have one instinct. Stick your foot in it to see if it's hot. That's just what she did. Pain rushed through her body as she shrieked with pain. Betty's mom came rushing in and immediately asked what happened. Later that day at the hospital they learned that the burn was pretty bad and she would have to come in everyday of the summer for treatment.
So it's the middle of the summer and everyday Betty is going to the doctor to get treatment. On top of that she had to miss kindergarten due to this accident. I guess that was ok back then, but now I don't think you can just skip kindergarten these days. CHAPTER

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