Socialization Reflection

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Like all aspects of our lives, coexistence requires learning. Ever since we were little, we have constantly interacted with other people. Our first social connection is our family. Then, as we grow up, our borders expand and we begin to socialize with others in our community. Our neighborhood and school environments are the first places in which we really are forced to live with people who have different thoughts and different opinions from ours. In my particular case, since I was a child, I have always tried to respect others and avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary discussions. Everything was going well in my life when it came to socialization, until one day, everything changed. Two "new" people began to be a part of my life. One of them was my dad and the other one was my oldest brother David. Wait, did I just …show more content…
They comprehended that they were not always going to be right. I also learned that no one is perfect and people make mistakes, but by being patient and communicating our problems can be solved. My opinions about the two new members of my family changed a lot after living with them for several years. I was not longer scared of them criticizing my opinions because they learned how to listen to my opinions. Throughout this process, there were fights and discussions, but these were also helpful for me to be a more comprehensive person. What I like is that we still have different opinions, but now everyone knows that fighting is not the most appropriate way to resolve them. Living with others is an effort to achieve common ground. To do this, every member must compromise to live in peace with each other. When someone is never willing to compromise, coexistence is not possible. Today I am so thankful that my father and my brother have come into my life because otherwise we could never know the wonderful people they really

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