Personal Narrative: My Personal Code Of Personal Ethics

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Personal ethics

My personal set of values act as a basis for knowing the difference between right and wrong, so they help me decide what to do, and how to do it every single day and provide me with a valuable list in which to live by. A personal code of ethics makes you want to correct your mistakes before they ever happen by making somebody think rationally in a professional or personal setting before acting out their initial thought. Ethics are often mistaken for just how to act when in reality it stems out to what you would do in a certain situation and how you would follow through with the action. Below is a personal list of what I believe to be values and morals to make up my own personal ethics in a every day aspect weather it be at
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I will hold myself accountable for my actions or my decisions regardless of weather or not I am in the wrong.
2. I will be aware of my surroundings, and I will be aware of everybody in my life to make sure they do not have a negative effect on me.
3. I will balance my free time effectively, and I will have outlets in place for down time or when something becomes unbalanced.
4. I will always challenge myself to do better than before, and I will try to make the most positive decisions that benefit everybody.
5. I will hold myself to a high standard of cleanliness, not only with my personal hygiene but my everyday living space as well.
6. I value people who I consider close to my heart, and I will do anything that I can to hold them close once they 're there.
7. I value a clean and respectable community, and I will continue to go out of my way to clean or better my community at any opportunity.
8. I will try my best to have confidence in every situation as it is important to me, if I am confident then others around me will be too.
9. I will always feel better as an individual the more I contribute to helping others, so I will always lend a hand to those in need.
10. I will continue to be as curious as possible, giving them the proper respect I would expect in
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I will always be selfless when it comes to my family, and I will always put them first before myself.
10. I will always feel warmth when I go home, because I know in my heart that that is the place I love the most.

Responsibility to school:

1. I will do my best to accomplish what I set out to do, and I will try my best to get better grades than I have before.
2. I will always try to have a clear mind in class or at school, that may not always be he case but I will learn outlets to deal with distractions.
3. I will always be at a certain comfort level with my peers and instructors so I am comfortable in front of the class and others are comfortable in front of me.
4. I will do my best to understand there and different diverse backgrounds, and everybody takes longer to, or learns differently.
5. I will put the most into receiving as much of an education as possible, and I will try my very best to understand the material presented.
6. I will uphold everybody around me to the same academic integrity I am being upheld to by protecting the course material, and prevent cheating.
7. I will go forth with pride in my work an have confidence in what I submit for evaluation.
8. I will respect the privacy of every student or faculty member as I would want mine respected in

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