Perils Of Social Networking Sites Essay

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Perils of Social Networking
Most people in the US use some form of social networking site, in fact about 74% of adults use a social network site. (Social Networking fact sheet, n.d.). Some people use the site for keeping in touch with loved ones, friends, or some may use it for business purposes. No matter what people use social networks for, it comes with a lot of risks. Even though it helps people stay in touch with one another, one must be mindful of the information that they are putting out there on social networks. It is not always safe to post everything about yourself or the plans that you have, this makes you very vulnerable to a number of things.
The more information you provide on a social network the more vulnerable you will be.
When you create a profile on a social networking site, don’t have any real expectations that your information is truly private. If you are not comfortable with your family seeing what it is on your social network profile, don’t post it. Chances are they will end of seeing what you don’t want them to see (Akpose, n.d.). For example, if you have a Facebook profile there is an option for you to review posts that your friends tag you in before it is seen on your timeline. This a good feature to turn on so that you can approve of what is being posted on your profile page. Facebook also has an option for your to see what the public will see if they search for your profile (Lafferty, 2013).
Photos that are uploaded may end up…

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