Reflective Essay On Work Life Balance

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Truly grateful for the work opportunity and the experiences at the school. I was able to attain a work life balance. My hours at work were the same hours my children spent in the childcare. I had more time with them, a lot of family time, catch up time with friends and was able to make to Sunday church services. I try to manage my time effectively at work so I do not have it weighing on my mind when I get back home. From personal experience the benefit of maintaining a work life balance is to have reduced stress levels at home and at work, better focus and concentration, the opportunity to participate more fully with family and social life, more time to chase goals and hobbies and most importantly improved health.

With this in mind, however,
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For individual improvement, I used to ask a lot of questions about my work results, the classroom teacher would helpfully give me an honest feedback at all times and either a “good job” or need to figure out another way. Gathering opinion helped me clearly how I can improve my personal performance and seek training to develop my competency if required. Another way is to accept constructive criticism. Back to when I was working the store, there was a lot criticism from the store manager with any duty I do, not only to me but to the other staff too. It made me sense like by no means do whatever thing right. At the present, no one likes to be criticised but there are basically two options, take the criticism and learn something or ignore it and let the frustration bottle up within the other person. Constructive criticism provides me with feedback that is useful to better my …show more content…
This increases my knowledge, gain new skills and develop relationships. One of the few social networks I like to use is Facebook. Reasons being, I keep in touch with families and friends near and far, strengthening interaction, brand new ideas, access to opportunities, new information, advice and support I can receive from others online, that’s some of the various benefits of networking. Working at the school, there was a forum for teachers and staff only. This was for all staff to share information, like myself gain advice from experienced peers. Usually its where ask for help. The latest news in regard to the school surely is discussed on this forum. So, when I think I am late with the news I knew where to get updated. I can also learn from others which are common practice in the workplace. You can see I can better or learn new skills just as I can increase my knowledge by interacting with others, and of course this would be possible if you have the relevant

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