Pedigree Plus Vs. Iams Healthy Naturals Essay

1338 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
Pedigree Plus vs. Iams Healthy Naturals Marketing executives design their advertising messages to appeal to a specific audience using specific techniques. There is always a specific end goal in mind. Whether it be to sell a product, or to get a message out, executives seek to accomplish their goal. There are many different strategies used to make an advertisement effective. Two advertisements that demonstrate these strategies very well are Pedigree Plus dog food and Iams Healthy Naturals dog food. The Pedigree Plus dog food line advertises to dog owners. The goal is to make owners believe that their dog needs Pedigree Plus dog food over any other brand, thus resulting in dog owners purchasing that dog food. This ad specifically targets dog owners who have dogs that are unhealthy, or dogs that owners want to keep healthy. This ad goes straight for the viewers emotions. It starts off with a quote that is portrayed to be from the dog that says, “I love riding in cars. But I have a tough time jumping into them.” This line makes viewers feel bad and possibly sympathetic for the dog. The ad goes on to tell readers that dogs are happiest when they are running, jumping, and playing. At this point, the advertisement tells readers that the main food in this ad is the Pedigree Plus Healthy Joints. The goal here is to guilt trip readers into buying Pedigree. The message that is being conveyed here is that the viewer’s dog will not be healthy, and in turn will not be happy, if they do…

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