Holistic Select Research Paper

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Holistic Select isn’t a well-known brand around my parts, which is why I was surprised to learn of its apparent quality. The brand is available in chicken, duck, lamb and seafood. It contains a variety of nutrients, taurine for eye and heart health, antioxidants and vitamins. The cost of the food is very similar to the cost of other brands. However, when I dug a little deeper I found that there’s a reason why not many people use this brand.
Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health Dry Dog Food Nutritional Profile – 3/5
The first ingredient of this food is the meat. No meals are involved, such as chicken meal or lamb meal. However, this actually concerns me a little. There’s a reason meals are included: because they actually have greater levels of protein than pure meat. The crude protein of this dog food is 22 percent, which is a
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I don’t feel that it has the same quality of either of these brands, however, due to the filler.
Holistic Select Radiant Adult Health Dry Dog Food Edibility Profile – 4/5
While I didn’t trust this brand enough to test it on my dogs, reviews generally say that dogs like it quite a lot. And why wouldn’t they: my dogs go wild for rice, too. But that doesn’t mean it’s good for them.
The Bottom Line – 3/5
I’m not fond of this brand because I believe that it essentially gives those looking for a good holistic dog food a bait-and-switch. While it appears at first glance that this is a good brand, it actually uses a great deal of rice filler and the costs simply don’t support the level of ingredients in it. I would call it a good grocery store brand, if the price was about 75 percent of where it is now. I think anyone interested in this food would be better off spending their money on Nutro Ultra or Blue Buffalo, though I’m a little biased on that

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