Parents Should Do To Prevent Bullying Essay

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Parents should do to prevent bullying
As a parent, parents act as an important role model for their children in any situations. Parents should be more concern about their children to prevent from bullying. Here are some ideas for spotting red flags in children’s behavior to prevent from bullying.
Be a Good Example
Parents are the role model of the children in the family. Being a good role model is the best way to keep kids from becoming bullies or victims of bullying. All the acts and model effective communication techniques will be learnt by the children. For example, if the parents treat people with kindness and respect, children will follow and do the same. But if the parents are rude, disrespectful and act entitled, of course the children
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Help the class identify bullying in books, TV shows and movies, and discuss the impact of that bullying and how it could be resolved. Hold class meetings in which students can talk about bullying. Besides, teacher should involve students in establishing classroom rules against bullying and steps they can take if they see it happening. For example, students could work together to create the classroom signs of anti-bullying.
Be knowledgeable and observant
Teachers and administrators need to be aware that although bullying generally happens in areas such as the bathroom, playground, crowded hallways, and school buses as well as via cell phones and computers, it must be taken seriously. Teachers and administrators should emphasize that telling is not tattling. If a teacher observes bullying in a classroom, he/she needs to immediately take action to stop it, record the incident and inform to the school administrators so the incident can be investigated. Discuss Bullying with the administrators in a group meeting, you will be better able to monitor the school environment. Discuss both bullying in general and concerns regarding specific
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Parents and youth also have a role to play in preventing bullying at school. One mechanism for engaging parents and youth, a school safety committee can keep school active and focused which bring the community together to have bullying prevention. Besides, schools can set the stage for meaningful parent and youth involvement which provide meaningful roles for them to sustain parent and youth involvement. For example, Students can contribute their views and experiences with bullying by communicating about bullying prevention with their peers, and help develop rules and policies. Parents can contribute a positive school climate through the parent teacher association, volunteering, and school improvement events. School staff should keep parents informed, make them feel welcome, and treat them as partners by setting meeting times that are convenient for parents and youth. Moreover, a school safety committee focused on school safety concerns and bullying prevention will be one strategy to engage parents and youth, as well as

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