Caring For Cats Research Paper

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How to care for your cats
We all love cats! They come in various shapes and sizes and have different kinds of temperament.
Why are cats so loveable? It’s their actions! Cats can be super lazy, energetic, affectionate, and playful. You can’t help but love the handsome face of cats.
Here are our ten best cat facts!
While every cat has an individual uniqueness, the study of cat behavior and their biology can provide valuable insights that will give you a better understanding of your cat.
1. Cats have higher sensory powers> Their sense of smell is far superior to that of humans, and their eyes are performing better in dim and dark light than the human eye. Also, cats can detect sounds of higher frequency than humans and dogs.
2. Cats have super
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Cats are territorial animals. A cat will defend its territory against other cats and would fight aggressively if the intruder doesn’t back off. Cats will mark off their territory with by scratching, depositing feces, and spray of urine.
7. Cats love to play. Cats are intelligent animals that require both physical and mental stimulation. It is essential to play with your cat as it improves social behavior, enhances their motor skills, and provides mental stimulation.
8. Cats are carnivorous. It is essential for cats to eat meat as they can’t survive on a meat-free diet. The nutrients in animal-based foods are vital for their health.
9. Cats love taking naps! On the average, a domestic cat sleeps for 12-18 hours per day. They require this enormous amount of sleep to replenish their energy so that they can hunt properly whenever they see a prey.
10. Cats are clean! Cats groom themselves to perfection using the tiny abrasive hooks on their tongue. Grooming helps to remove fleas and other parasites from cats' coat and also keeps it in excellent conditions.
Tips for maintaining your cat's health.
Cats and humans share the same pain threshold. They are susceptible to a wide range of illnesses and infectious diseases. It is advisable to check your cat every day for any sign of illness or injury, and you should give him a vet checkup at least once in a
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The procedure can safeguard your cat from injuries and get infected with diseases during fights over mating rights. It can also stop your cat's urine spraying behavior.
Before getting a pet, you must think about your decision critically as it is a long-term commitment. One of the things you should consider is the longevity of cats. You should also consider the breed, possible health problems, and behavior issues and so on. For example, some cat breeds have a big size that can reduce their quality of life and cause a lot of suffering later in life, while some may inherit diseases and illnesses that will plague their lives in the future. Your vet will give you the best advice on the breed you should own.
You should never treat your cat with human or dog medicines as they can be highly toxic for cats. Use only cat drugs prescribed by your vet.
Groom your cat regularly to keep his coat in great shape. Your cat's coat can also alert you to changes in his health. If you cat's grooming habit changes or you don’t understand what is happening to its coat, seek the advice of your

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