Paragraph On Gardening

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Because our human being’s health may depend upon agriculture biodiversity, allowing our efforts to grow your or mine own garden, doing and saving it, from the old ways, and any new ways. I read the history timeline about having a gardens. Gardening, it goes all the way back from ancient times, from when the earth was born. Within my lifetime, gardens are and already moved forward into the twentieth century. This is true into my own current and present year of 2016. My knowledge, as knowing about gardening in itself, is the reality and actually of it, as continuous. With each garden, gardening will always be moving forward with our future. Along with that, by its own meanings, purpose, method(s), and strategy(s). The garden, reasons of owning …show more content…
Cleaning issues, such as proper conservation maintenance of picking up trash and throwing into a trash can, etc. By, cleaning up after ourselves along of cleaning up after other’s person’s messes. These daily suggestions, is advise, wisdom, comes from individual’s common natural knowledge, for the public, concerns. The ecosystems conservation services departments, do perform testing of soil in and on top of the land, and in the water (H2O, Aqua). for water and soil fertility and biota, checking for essential healthy, wellness conditions, for human survival. However, citizen’s, as the public, we are giving our efforts in helping mother nature with (what I or we call a hand-up, for cleanliness) maintenance of mother earth, by recycling, proper dispose of garbage and trash, etc. In any case, naturally, meeting challenges, our conference of the parties do adopt and have before adopted the program of works on agricultural biodiversity. We may attend to any of their program(s) consists of elements, about trends. First, assessment, of cultural social economics. Second, adaptive management of cultural social economics, Third, capacity-building of cultural social-economics. Fourth, mainstreaming, of cultural social-economics. Three cross-cutting initiatives about pollinators, and soil biodiversity. Biodiversity of human food consumption, nutrition, to be implemented using the ecosystem approach(s). Whereby cultural, socio-economic and environmental elements are made aware as

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