Personal Narrative: A Beautiful Planet

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This was start from here, from the lovely planet called earth. I once lived here and chased my dream every single day. I always love to see the sunset, the beautiful orange sky in the horizon. I have a dream, a very big dream, that one day I will see the earth like the sun seeing the earth.

Every day I worked hard to chasing my dream, until I forget everything. "Love", a thing that everyone mention, they said that it can make happiness come to you. I became someone who disagree with that. For me, happiness is when I can see the world from above, from the very high place, from the sky where the sun illuminates its light to the world. Beautiful.

Finally, today is my day, one great step closer to my dream. I want to be an astronaut, I have to
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How can I avoid the loneliness without anyone beside me there? can I survive?

Ah..I chase it away, that's just my weakness, a doubt that can only bring me down. This is the time, it will never make me step aback!

Now, here I am...The space! The galaxy!

One year... I've been here for a year now. So many missions has been done, seeing the horizon, the million light years away planets, our galaxy, the great beauty ring, many things. My dream has finally come true.

But as the time goes by, there's something disturb me, something come up my mind and I just realize it now. My heart just as cold as the space, there's a hollow, and I need one thing to complete my dream.

My final mission is going to the moon, one week in the moon then going back to the earth. One year here, I miss home, I miss the sunset, missing many things and it's not the same anymore and I never feel enough.

I've landed at The Moon, my first time take a step into the land of The Moon. I'm walking around the moon, nothing's here, it's empty and it feels like I'm totally empty here. The thing that I felt before grow bigger than ever. That loneliness feeling, this place completely show me the true loneliness and it's exactly the same like what my heart feel right
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And i finally let myself asks my heart.

"Is this my dream? Is it really my dream? Is it really what I wanna be? Is this something that I want for life?"

I never thought I could be so lonely now. What happen to me? Why does my heart feel incomplete?

Now, I've been on the brink with desperation and losing hope, thinking all about this. How can I not feel the peace when I've got my dream, my life kind of boring, and I need another story to complete it. But how i can find a story? How can i make a new story when I still stuck here, in this lonely place.

I realize it now, maybe I chose a wrong way in the past, I did a lot of bad things in the past. I always focused on my dream without any care to the environment around me, I'm so ambitious. There was the time when everyone told me that I would never make it, i would never get my dream, it's to high, it's impossible. I refuse it all, I pushed them away, I even pushed everyone who truly love me and believed me.

There's a part of me that feels like I was an animal in my past life that wasn't treated very nicely. An animal that only focused on the prey without thinking anything

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