Hannah Graperide Case Analysis

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Its All in the Planning - Hannah Warburton

Part A: Outline the nature of a significant contemporary event:
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Part B: Explain and evaluate the planning and decision making involved in the event:

Traffic Management: The Forrest Graperide is located at Forest Winery, Blicks road in Renwick. This is because there is a large space for all riders and supporters to be able to park as it is expected that parking space needs to be able to fit over 1500 vehicles. In the Forest Graper Ride event booklet, which every competitor is given, a plan of which way to come to the event is suggested depending on the routes that the competitors and/or supporters will be taking. For Example: “If you are coming from Blenheim down Old Renwick Road,
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Most events held ensure that spending by visitors in the local area on accomodation etc generate the biggest economic impact. Economically, the Forrest Graperide has a lot of positive impacts to the event organisers, public and business owners. As said before, the weekend of the Forrest Graperide brings a large amount of money to Marlborough and the surrounding businesses. An estimated amount of $1.6-$2 million dollars is earned. However this does have positive and negative impacts. Spending by event organisers is also an important consideration. Cash inflows and outflows need to be measured to establish the net outcome. Although the businesses are earning money because of the extra people in town, it adds extra pressure to the demand for staff, extra goods and resources. Generating money from the event is also impacted by how many people attend the event, the length of the event, the non-participating attendees, and the percentage of whom are outside of the host economy. The fact that most of the competitors are from elsewhere in New Zealand means that there is a large amount of people who are outside of the hot economy. This is extremely beneficial as it generates more money for places like restaurants and hotels. If most of the competitors were from Blenheim, not as much money would come through as they already have living and eating arrangements without the need to spend any extra money.

Asking people that attended the event to provide feedback is really important as it allows for event organisers to possibly change the things that didn 't go so well for them in the upcoming years. Whether it 's in the planning or the actual day of the event. It also allows for participators to reflect on what they took away from the event and what they might of done

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