Explain How To Allocate Work To Individual Team Members

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AC5.1: Explain the use of targets and budgets to manage workloads
Targets are very important for companies in order for them to measure improvement as a whole. Companies will normally have targets such as sales figures, research work or even work projects that are achievable. Setting targets like these will mean that you may need to make sure the right people are working at specific times and the company will have to manage workloads in order for the correct qualified people to be working to help meet the target. Budgets and finances are also very vital in order to manage workloads. If a company’s budget is not properly kept on top of, they can be at risk of a lot of serious problems such as being in debt. Being on top of your finances will
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The best way to perhaps allocate the work is to play to the strengths of the team. Belbin’s theory would be the best way to allocate different jobs to different team members because that way; every team member has a purpose. There are things that you must do when allocating jobs to team members and being a leader such as communicating clearly with your team, listen to feedbacks, praise achievements and much …show more content…
Having information sources is very handy when organising an event because you need to know different bits of information such as if the venue is actually available, the cost of the venue if it is available. You will also need information sources if you are hiring speakers or trainers to help assist the

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