Swot Analysis Of Email

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Register to read the introduction… Surveys can be anonymous and are good for addressing a large amount of people; checklists are similar but less personal and more technical. One to one is good for small groups and individuals but has the disadvantage where individuals may be reluctant to criticize openly. Websites are anonymous and good for large organisations.

The manager needs to think about the aims and goals that need to be achieved from the feedback, whether it is a survey or one to one. The same rules can be applied to both.
Survey and questionnaire templates can be downloaded from the internet. When producing a survey or questionnaire it is important to remember the seven c’s and accuracy, clarity and timeliness techniques. It is important to ask specific, balanced questions which are actionable and appropriate. Set realistic time parameters and choose an appropriate time to deliver hand
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analysis is another tool which can help to evaluate feedback. S.W.O.T. stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. If we apply the tool to email as a good form of communication the results can be displayed as below-
Illustration B Strengths Weaknesses
It is cheap and quick. Email can be impersonal.
Provides audit trail. Email can stay in inbox for a long while.
Files can be attached. No tone or facial expression to get the meaning
Email can be copied to others. across. Email easily sent to the wrong person. Opportunities

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