Postal Service Swot Analysis

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The United States Postal Service, formed in Philadelphia in 1775, is responsible for the transportation and delivery of the postal services to the American citizens. Its formation led to the appointment of Benjamin Franklin as the first General Postmaster of the USPS. Since its formation, the postal service has operated with the aim of satisfying the customers and uniting them despite the difference in their locality. This has been made possible thanks to technology that was engrained into its operations. The company started by distributing mails by horseback and stagecoach and later used the steam engine to deliver mails. They also introduced stamps and charged according to the weight and distance of the delivery locale. Hence, a 5-cent stamp …show more content…
As this market continues to become more refined through technology, customers also begin to search for efficiency, reliable service, diversity and specialized care for their products being transported. Some of the opportunities USPS has over its competitors are less expensive products, the main competitors FedEx and UPS continue to offer a more expensive service and have fewer establishments in the United States. Some of the major threats are the cost in maintain its numerous stations, the increasing investment in technology from its competitors to differentiate and improve the services they provide to customers, as well as faster delivery. Some of the strengths are they are backed up by government funding when needed, they have reduced employee work hours to reflect mail volume as well as reducing operating expenses, the organization has a lean management structure that facilitates the flow of the core work process, its website is the most accessed of the federal government. Nevertheless, some of the numerous weaknesses are its non-existing pricing strategy, shortage of product innovation, has historically placed the interests of its unions as major priority, customer service provided by disgruntled employees has severely hurt the business as well. There is a substantial amount of intransigence in the operations of USPS, which requires it to decline some of the key operations advantage that it could have grown through

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