Outline Of Writing An Essay

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Editing note - the outline was wank, so I added to the headers. I left the additions in red for if you wish to delete them. I had to change number 5 completely because it is terrible advice.

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6 Effective Tips to Perfect Last Minute Essay

To reiterate, this article explains how to write an essay very quickly without failing, these are not tips to help you create a perfect essay and/or a top scoring essay. This article assumes you have a very short deadline, and the advice within will help you turn in a passable essay by the deadline. It is often better to hand in a sub-par essay by the deadline rather than hand in a perfect essay late (especially since many colleges will dock points/marks for turning your essay in late).

1. Step Breath And Calm Down - Start Your Essay The Same Day

Procrastination is probably the reason you are so close to your deadline. Start your essay the same day you receive it and you will find it far harder to put off. You also have to remember that missing your deadline is not the worst thing in the world. A panicky rush will not help you at this late stage.

Alleviate the pressure by telling yourself you are going to produce a passable essay rather than a perfect one. The chances are that your professor will allow you to make amendments after the deadline once you have handed it in, which will give you more time to complete your essay…so calm down.

2. Create Killer Essay Outline - Write A Plan And A Time Budget


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