Outline Of A Comprehensive Program Evaluation Essay

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Comprehensive Program Evaluation
Introduction of Program
Since 2001, Phoebus has won 7 state football championships with the later four coming in back to back. Virginia High School League named Phoebus as the #1 football program of this century. As a result, little boys dream of playing football for Phoebus and parents develop strategic plans to ensure their sons play for Phoebus. Being a football player for Phoebus came with a sense of star status or entitlement and not all players are prepared to handle. For that reason, Phoebus football players have found themselves being highlighted for off-the-field activities rather than their play making abilities on the football field.
Dave Johnson of the Daily Press newspaper, reported on January 14, 2011, the Phoebus football program received a three-year warning after several of its players stole items from another team during the Virginia High School League Division 5 state football championship game (CITE). In 2012 a physical altercation between two players resulted in the termination of the head coach after he instructed one of the players to “handle” the other player. As a side note, this incident was more about poor coaching tactics, but still demonstrates the poor judgment of the player. Recently, Hampton City Schools changed a rival game between Phoebus High and Hampton High schools due to safely concerns that involved gang activities; this changed also allowed for an increase of police presence (Johnson, 2015).…

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