Origin Of The Sport : Basketball Essay

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It seems like a century ago, basketball was being played with peach baskets and soccer balls, today basketball is well known all around the world having billions of followers and it’s one of the most popular sports in history.
Origin of the Sport It was the 891st year of the 2nd millennium and the 91st year of the 19th century, when a physical educator, and sports innovator James Naismith invented the game of basketball. He first called it “peach basketball”, it came to him when he needed to find a game his students could play indoors during the winter. Naismith used peach baskets as the nets and set one at each end of the balcony. Naismith first tried to play the game with fifty people and it ended up not working because there wasn’t enough room for everyone to play and move around. James also came up with thirteen rules that are still used today such as: goaltending, traveling, fouls, out of bounds, and many more he invented for the game of basketball.
I am intrigued by “basketball”, I love everything about the game. It brings me out of my shell and makes me a totally different person when I am in practice or in the game. To some people it’s just a game. But I can’t say the same because every single day throughout my junior high and high school years I lived and breathed the game of basketball. Sadly, enough people didn’t know what I was capable of doing in games. I was the quite person. The coaches didn’t really notice me so, they went off and picked…

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