Organizational Culture Essay

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Organizational Culture A discussion will be conducted on irrational and rational decision making. The terms will be defined and an explanation will be given on how organizational culture impacts a leader’s psychological processes when attempting to diagnose organizational problems. An organization problem will be identified and discussed in related to differences in cultural perspective. A description of the issue and the cultural perspectives that have caused tension will be addressed. Based on the research a recommendation will be given on how leader’s individual organizational members give voice to their cultural perspectives in a way that helps the leader make better decisions to achieve organizational mission and vision. An …show more content…
Leaders are expected to instruct the employees in the same mission, values, and vision and by doing so improve the organizations effectiveness. The process can affect the leader’s psychological process because it dictates the leader’s decision making and problem solving ability. Adeyoyin (2011) states “organizational culture can create an environment that is conducive to performance improvement and the management of change or it can work against an organization by erecting barriers that prevent the attainment of goals (par. 2).”
Leaders should be able to solve problems by redirecting the employee back to what is important for the success of the organization. For example in the collection business there are financial options for customers that are not able to make his or her loan payment. Although these options are available the collector is trained and instructed to follow the hierarchy of the organization. Top of the hierarchy is collecting the money. Several attempts are made to collect the amount although the borrower has indicated he or she cannot pay. Only then can the collector offer any financial assistance. These attempts can affect the employee’s culture prospective.
The employee’s culture prospective can be affected because the employee is aware of the declining economy and the borrower is unable to make payments because of the loss of employment or decrease in salary. The employee feels that he or she should not continue to bagger the borrower

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