Zappos Organizational Culture

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Zappos is a company that believes that the best way to build a brand for the long run is in a word called “Culture”. Zappos is a company whose’s belief is that if you get the culture right, most other stuffs, like great customer service, or building a great long term brand, or passionate employees, and customers will happen naturally on its own. Zappos is an open system, it is probably an effective learning organization, an organic organization where managers who want to delegate Wii likely succeed and create a strong cooperate culture.
Zappos is an open system because an open system is where the organization depends on the surrounding environmental system to survive. Zappo believes that your culture is your brand, that you
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It is an effective learning organization because it starts with the hiring process. They establish from the first day a commitment to learning. Investing four weeks of training for every employee who is fortunate to be hired, sending a strong message that they want employees to be informed and knowledgeable about the organization and its culture and values. However, the strongest evidence that Zappos is a learning organization comes from their core values. They commit to the pursuit of growth and learning and they value open and honest relationships with communication. Zappos believes in organizational culture which is the collection of shared beliefs, values, rituals, stories, myths, and specialized language that foster a feeling of community among organization members. Zappos has a cultural glue that binds the employees to their values. Zappos is a collective, dynamic, emotionally charged , historically based …show more content…
It starts with the hiring process, with doing two different set of interviews. One by the hiring managers, and the other by the HR department looking for a set of relevant experience, technical ability, and culturally fit. Those who get hired share in making it through this rite of passage, this ritual to become a team member. The training that the employees goes through is another important thing. Zappos believe that customer service should not just be a department, it should be the entire company. The employees go through a ritual core value of four week training, with a hands on of two weeks talking directly with customers regardless of your employment status. Another one is the transparency. Zappos believes in the transparency of the core values of the company. This is evidence by the fact that the company allows the press to come in and talk to everyone they wish to talk to because they believe that you are well versed in the core values of the company. Core values is the last important thing the company does to create a cooperate culture. Zappos belies in the brand. The cultural band that deals with core values, the rituals that all employees pass through before being hired. The belief system of the company that makes Zappos a great customer service company. They believe that their core value is unique and

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