Organizational Change To Visionary And Innovative Leadership Case Study

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for organizational change starts when organizational management feels dissatisfaction from the current situation. Organizational changes may be planned or unplanned but in both cases the organizational changes are very important and sometimes become crucial to handle the changes (
Organizational Change to Visionary and Innovative Leadership, 2015).
On the other hand, the relationship between an organization and its stakeholders is called interdependence in systems theory literature. Although these interdependent relationships limit autonomy, good relationships with stakeholders limit it less than bad relationships. When organizations collaborate with key stakeholders the end result is often an increase of autonomy. Good relationships are developed
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To be credible, leaders have to improve their own skills. They must be able to demonstrate control of their emotions and model the use of constructive conflict behaviors. They should also coach and mentor others to help them improve in these crucial areas.Leaders must work to change the conflict climate in their organization. This includes making sure that the organization’s vision, mission, policies, procedures, performance measures, and reward criteria are in alignment with constructive conflict responses. Leaders can also ensure that employees have access to training programs to help them improve their conflict skills. When leaders show the way and champion conflict competence in their organizations, they not only serve as effective risk managers by lowering costs associated with conflict, they also ensure that they can get the best kind of creativity and decision making that conflict can stimulate. As matter fact, conflict competent leadership studies said the final behavior leads to “creating solutions.” Whenpeople have been able to share and understand each others’ thoughts and feelings about a situation, they are in a position to be able to brainstorm solutions that can meet both sides’ needs. We tend to think of conflict as a win-lose situation, where one person gets …show more content…
Engaging positively and review you’re the perspective taking, apply your understanding and always listen before you speak or .
The corporation will continue to provide effective customers, union rep will work closely with leadership, the downsized employees will receive a $2,000 severance package for three years; in-addition to their retirement benefits. Furthermore the operations manager was promote the CEO.

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