Optimism In My Life Essay

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Where are my roots of optimism?
Winston Churchill once said “For I myself am an optimist, it does not seem to be much use to be anything else.” Like him, I feel it is best to live an optimistic life. Optimism is within all of us, but for it to grow it needs to be nurtured. I have been blessed to have many sources which encourage optimism in my life,including family, friends, failures, and faith. Family is a source of optimism that many people take for granted, but I know their importance in my daily life and the influence they have on me. My two older sisters and parents have been good examples of seeing the positive in all things. My older sister helps me to to become optimistic when I am upset. She talks to me and has enlightened me on
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My many friends are also there to help. Studies show daily social support is a key factor in feeling optimism. This is even recognized in the optimist pledge when it says, “To make all your friends feel that there is something in them”. My friends excel at doing just that. They look at my positive traits and talents and focus on them instead of my faults. They are there to talk to, joke and laugh with, and confide in. My friends constantly encourage me which helps me to notice all the positive in my everyday life. In addition to the friends I have at school, I have many teammates that support me. Throughout my many years of sports, including softball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track, my teammates keep me motivated by encouraging and challenging me to improve. I have been on losing and winning teams, but as a team, we stay optimistic and that carries into my individual …show more content…
Sometimes this failure can even occur with my friends and teammate. For example, during my last basketball season we were losing every game. Though my team was striving for victory, we could not achieve our goal. Despite our many defeats we remained hopeful that we would win the next game. In one of our final games we won by one point. Even though that was the only game we won in the entire season, we always remained positive and focused on improving our skills. With every failure, I learn how to see each one as a success in disguise.Thomas Edison once said “ I have not failed. I have only found 10,000 ways that don’t work”. Each of his failures was a success in finding a way that didn’t work. Being an optimist though, means to be persistent in things, but also learning from negative experiences. As one of the recipes my sister and I tried we made macaroons. We did everything the recipe said but it didn’t work out. I saw this experience as something to learn from and that not everything works out as we planned. Failure will always be something that gives us a reason to work harder but also to be more

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