One Of The Most Important Role Of Employee Health (HR)

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Employee Relations Employee health is the one of the most important roles of Human Resources (HR), because it is responsible for assisting the employee and the employer various issues. Issues like substance abuse, emotional mental health, health and older employees, organizational safety culture, safety training and communication, inspection investigation and evaluation, are some of the workplace issues HR consults with employees and employers. Also, HR provides counsel to employees and employers concerning their work related issues. Therefore, policies are made and enforced individually to all employees to assure that they are aware of their employee rights. Similarities of these actions are nothing but of Christian values and principles. The Bible states, "Woe to him who builds his palace by unrighteousness, his upper rooms by injustice, making his countrymen work for nothing, not paying them for their labor” (Jeremiah 22:13 KJV). Therefore, in every …show more content…
Furthermore, the importance of an employee’s safety must be taken into consideration, and covered with care. One important factor that HR must be in compliance with is OSHA Act. The goal for this Act is to assure that all employees are able to come to work in a work free hazard environment. HR must be sure that training is conducted to assure that they are in compliance with this Act, and it entails their concerns for their employees. OSHA offers this training, so there is no need for an organization to be uninformed on safety. Things like, making sure an employee is not doing a job that threatens their safety, and only allowing trained employees to perform a job that can cause hazard conditions, should be in the training sessions. Lastly, safety is the number one key concern for employers and employees. Therefore, an organization must assure that this topic is touched on with concern and by federal OSHA

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