OSHA Case Study

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5. Conduct safety regular audits and provide training and educational awareness to prevent and lessen the risk factors associated with the cited items. For example, author of “OSHA compels disclosure of safety and health audits: Smart enforcement or misguided policy?”, Stephen C. Yohay, states, “the federal government has appeared to encourage such efforts. In July 1391 then Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin sent a letter to the chief executive officers of the Fortune 500 companies, urging them to act as "progressive" leaders by ordering periodic safety and health compliance audits with as much management support, precision, and care as critical financial audits”(Yohay 1993).
6. Ensure that all health and safety-related signs, including
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Since the foundation of OSHA, the agency has been committed to promoting a safe work environment for American workers nationwide. Over the years the agency has enforced numerous policies that protects workers. OSHA has been able to achieve this by conducting unplanned inspections. However, as the result of a recent inspections conducted at our facility, we were cited for safety violations. After careful review of the citation, our company decided to address all abatement as required. Pursuant to the section 1903.19 of the OSHA Act, abatement verification regulation we are required to present our abatement information that take into account proper documentation, progress reports that the violation is settled. This information allows OSHA to review and remove the citation. It also important for our EHS department to provide documentation that conforms to OSHA standards so that all violations are corrected or abated. It is important for our company to comply with section 1903.19 of the OSHA Act because it serves as a compliance tool that informs OSHA that our company is complying with abatement timeline. Furthermore, it is vital to note that we may not meet compliance deadlines as required by OSHA citations because certain necessary supplies are on backorder. Therefore the law requires us to apply for “Petition for Modification of

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