Essay on Old Spice Advertisment Analysis

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Terry Crews Old Spice Body Odour Ad

Old Spice Odour Blocking “Bounce” ad

A) Denotative: Setting takes place in a laundry room of the shown woman’s house and about the woman describing the automatic freshness and static control of Bounce, a dryer pad product that freshens and cleans clothes. There is diegetic music heard in the background of Ukulele, bass guitar and guitar. As the woman says “I just stick it into my dryer and…..” We hear a building yell which then a few seconds later an explosion occurs on the left side of the house with Foley sound effects. We see a longshot of Terry Crews on a Jet Bike after he had smashed into the woman’s house during an ad. There is a mid-shot as he says “OLD SPICE BODY SPRAY MAKES YOU SMELL
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It stands out.
4. A stereotypical judgement of Terry Crews as he is black and tough.
5. The woman is ignored most of the time and she is powerless and feels uneasy / surprised.
6. The product “Old Spice” is more effective and efficient over the use of a dry pad “Bounce” which makes it of low quality in terms of use.
7. The tone of voice Terry Crews is talking in makes him more dominant than the woman who is using a reserved and passive voice.
8.How the original ad is taken over by another product ad.
9.How the camera focuses on Terry Crews and gives him more priority.

C) We see this at the camera’s point of view. This ad is directed towards the audience who are watching. This influences our reading of the text by giving us a conceptual understanding of what this ad is about and who it is intended for. D) We laugh at Terry Crews here as he is the main comedian here for making an outrageous advertisement. The narrative technique that is mainly being used here is what we call a running gag, or running joke. (e.g. - A character may present others with a proposition that is so ridiculous, it is likely to be self-mocking to the point where the original request has little or no chance of actually being carried out and results in a humorous effect. Occasionally, the characters themselves may be aware of the running gag and make humorous mention of it. In which this case Terry Crews is carrying on this running

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