Essay on Office Of Student Financial Aid Reinstated

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Dear Office of Student Financial Assistance:

I am writting this letter of appeal to respectfuly ask to have my federal financial aid reinstated. In this letter i would like to explain my reasoning and the difficulties of completing my previous courses and not being able to maintain an appropriate GPA. I would also like to point out why i believe i am more then prepared and capable of starting back a meeting any requirments that are expected of me.

When i fisrt started looking into colleges i was 17 years old with no education but up to 10th grade in high school. My parents and I had so many plans for my future. I would go to college and recieve my associates in Nursing, land a job at LSU Hospital and start my life. Two months after turning 18 I married my first husband. I stuck to my plans and started at BPCC, i was so beyond excited. Little did i know that going to school 4-5 nights a week, hours on homework and studying & making time to have a "college" life would cause so many problems in my marriage. In 2012 I found out i was pregnant with my first child. Just 2 1/2 short months later I found myself in a hospital bed and the doctor telling me i had a miscarriage. To me my life seemed to be falling apart. I blammed myself for the lose of my baby, My marriage was going south and i started missing school. My youngest sister stayed with us for a little over a year until one night i came home to a very angry husband that landed my sister in the hospital and my husband in…

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