Classroom Observation Summary

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I recently observed Joanne Bateman teach her students about the Earth’s and moon’s rotation, the complexity of space travel, and the engineering design process in a lesson about rockets. Students had to build model rockets that could land on a spinning model moon. Students were placed in cooperative groups of two to four students for this engineering activity.
For this clinical supervision process, I used the Framework for Teaching form F for pre- and post-conferences and form G for the formal observation summary. These forms analyzed areas of planning and preparation, the classroom environment, and the instruction. They also help the teacher to reflect on instructional goals, differentiation, engaging students in their learning, and the success of the lesson. I used this to provide the teacher with feedback in order to improve instruction, the area she is working on for her individualized professional development plan.
During the pre-conference, I learned that Joanne specifically wanted me to observe her level of questions using Bloom’s taxonomy. I decided that during the observation, I would use a categorical frequency observation technique, in addition to the forms specified above, to provide her with this information. I also learned that this observation would take place in a third grade STEM classroom setting. The lesson related to
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I have never experienced a pre- or post-conference as a teacher. My school does all unannounced observations and principals rarely make time for any post-conferences. Most often, I come to the principal’s office and they quickly tell me I did a “good” job, but provide me with little, if any, constructive feedback. I often receive perfect marks on observations, but this does not help me to improve my

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