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Random Differences between ADN and BSN Nurses
Although testing for one’s RN license is universal, the training background of an ADN versus a BSN nurse are very different. This has brought us to the discussion of the differences between an ADN and a BSN level nurse. As the needs of the patient population is changing, the demand for a more educated, skilled, resourceful practitioner is required (Smith, 2009).
Personal Experience

Example of how an ADN versus BSN nurse would treat a CHF patient.

A specific patient case I reviewed, was readmitted to a hospital again within thirty days with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. The ADN trained nurse could
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BSN nurses are given more instruction on communication, leadership, critical thinking, and social issues (Smith, 2009).The focus of many ADN programs are on just passing the boards. Although the ADN nurse can perform essential functions, such as writing symptoms for the doctor, coaching patients, and documenting electronically, the need for BSN nurses is an understatement (Rosseter, 2015).
The formal education of illnesses and disease management are helping prepare BSN trained nurses on how to take care of groups and individuals in the community with the focus being achieving optimum levels of wellness. The ADN nurse can finish their studies in less than two years, while the BSN will have an additional year or two of study, which will improve their practice of nursing (Ellis, 2007). Although the prerequisites for both programs may be similar, an ADN program is usually less expensive. On the other hand, obtaining the degree as a BSN can be costly, yet nurses can command higher wages because of the higher education that they attained (ADN vs BSN, 2013). Studies by Dr. Linda Aiken helped document measureable outcomes, of the differences on patients in the hospital being treated by BSN trained nurses
(Aiken, 2003). Dr. Aiken concluded that mortality rates were less that with higher educated nurses (Aiken, 2003). With so many career choices, nursing is “dynamic with unlimited

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