Nursing Your Way Back To Success Essay

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Nursing Your Way Back To Success
Being a nurse is one of the most meaningful careers someone can experience. Being a part of something so extraordinary such as saving a life will most definitely give you a sense of fulfillment in life. Nursing is a very demanding career, yet the emotional reward far outweighs that. The nursing field provides a range of advantages, and like every career disadvantages, but it 's up to you to make what you want out of it. Having the honor to serve as a nurse will not only give you a feeling of emotional satisfaction of helping others, but the field also has various education options and great benefits; however, being a nurse also comes with long work days and the chance of getting sick or injured on the job.
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The most advanced training you can go for is your bachelor 's degree in science, and this will take a minimum of four years, two years general studies, and two years professional nursing studies. Receiving your BSN will open more doors when seeking employment, and can offer you better pay. Another option is to receive your associate 's degree as an RN, this is a degree you can receive in a minimum of two years. There is also RN to BSN programs that allow nurses with their associate 's degree to easily continue their education and receive their …show more content…
You need to take care of yourself before you try to take care of someone else. Working in the medical field there is always a chance of exposing yourself to harmful chemicals, bodily fluids, radiation, etc... It is important to take careful precautions to prevent these type of things from happening. Following standard procedure is necessary to keep yourself in good health, Lifting equipment or patients incorrectly can cause long term back issues or even an injury. Making sure you are well rested and stable is also important to your safety, you don 't want to doze off and do something such as poke yourself with a needle. Knowing how to keep yourself safe and in good health will prevent mistakes like these from happening.
To conclude, as demanding and risky of a career that nursing can be the emotional fulfillment that comes from helping others will far outweigh the cost of time and effort invested into it. Not only are there emotional benefits, but the career benefits are amazing as well. A career field with a wide education selection as great as this one will hopefully bring certainty to potential nurses that a long and successful career is ahead of

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