Nursing Sensitive Indicators Essay examples

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RTT Task 1

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RTT Task 1 Nursing-sensitive indicators can be an important tool in identifying patient care issues that could potentially arise during a hospital stay. By analyzing the data on specific nursing-sensitive indicators, the quality of patient care can be optimized and patient satisfaction can be improved. The American Nurses Association (ANA) and the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) are two sources of information and guidelines for nurses and nurse managers to use in planning patient care and workloads for each nursing unit. The use of available resources, staffing by acuity and patient needs, appropriate referral indicators, and cooperation
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Reimbursement to hospitals by Medicare often depends on the use of proper care planning and documented use of nursing sensitive outcome indicators. A second very important rule of quality patient care was violated with the incident of Mr. J receiving the wrong type of meal on his tray. When it was discovered by the nurse that the pork had been given to and eaten by the patient, the nurse did the right thing by notifying her supervisor. However after that, the cascade of events was a dismal failure as far as transparency, customer service, and patient satisfaction are concerned. The supervisor was negligent in telling the staff to “keep it quiet”. Although she did the right thing by notifying the kitchen supervisor, she should have immediately apologized to the patient himself, and then informed the patient’s daughter of the incident. An apology to the family, along with an outlined plan of how such a mistake would be avoided in the future would have most likely helped to avoid the hard feelings and complaints that followed. What the nurse later said to the patient’s daughter was not therapeutic, in fact it was belittling of the religious and cultural beliefs held by this family. Culturally sensitive care dictates that even if healthcare workers do not agree with or fully understand the religious and cultural beliefs of the patient, they must still honor and accommodate whenever possible within the

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