Nursing Incivility Case Study

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Nurse to Nurse Incivility and How it Affects Performance
Clinical Question
Problem description The nursing profession has high rates of cases of incivility among the profession. Uncivil behavior at the workplace entails violence at the workplace, intimidation, withholding of critical information, public humiliation and intimidation and stealing credit for work not done (Casale, 2017). Despite the nursing profession being based on ethics and values of respect and integrity, it has been reported that more than eighty-five percent of registered nurses were victims of nursing workplace incivility (Casale, 2017). Nursing incivility has severe impacts on the affected nurses and the quality of care that is provided to the patients (Casale, 2017).
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The world health organization classifies it a severe threat to the health of the public and affects the safety of the patients (Laschinger, 2014). It also affects the productivity of the affected nurses which has severe implications for the safety of the patients and the quality of care of the patients (Laschinger, 2014). A study done by Kerber et al. reported that incivility in the nursing profession is rampantly spreading and has serious implications for new nurses in the field. The issue caused significant distress to the victims as it causes depression anxiety and stress and affects their overall performance (Kerber et al., 2015). The study confirmed that nursing incivility towards others nurses compromised the patient care by delaying and impeding the work done by the victims of incivility (Kerber et al., …show more content…
The study also showed the effect of the issue on patients’ safety due to the compromised performance of the affected nurses (Kerber et al., 2015). The findings were based on the thematic classification of the responses from the participants.
The study by Casale demonstrates the effects of leadership on reducing incivility and its impacts on performance by statistically illustrating the inverse relationship between the two variables. Using the evidence matrix table and detailed analysis of the research, the purpose of interpreting the two articles is achieved.
The next step for our group project will be to compile all the individual articles and choose the most relevant articles that to our clinical question. Another task that we can do as a group will be thoroughly searching the articles to identify the articles which will provide the most evidence to understand the nursing issue of incivility and its impacts.

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