Workplace Violence Research Paper

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Workplace Violence
Pascale Barthelemy
Nyack College

Workplace violence is a serious issue in healthcare and the causes are multifaceted and varied. Violence is not only limited to physical abuse, but verbal and emotion abuse as well. Over the years, there have been many committees that have proposed different guidelines and legislation to combat this issue. Seeking solutions to this issue must involve a multidisciplinary effort and the use of evidence based interventions. Specifically in nursing, management and leadership is important for the safety of the patients and staff.

A major professional issue affecting nursing today is workplace violence. The National Institute for Occupational
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It involved installing surveillance cameras throughout the entire unit, including the admissions desk and waiting room. The authors found that this intervention enables a potential escalating situation prevention from going into violence (Touzet et al., 2014). Wyatt et al., proposed that hospitals establish violence prevention programs, encourage reporting of violence, and ensure staff that appropriate actions will be taken and that there will be a zero tolerance policy. The authors are putting responsibility on health care leaders (Wyatt, Anderson-Drevs, & Van Male, 2016). Another intervention proposed by Hartley et al., was to establish workplace violence prevention programs. These programs would include having an advisory board consisting of management, a legal employee representative, and several types of direct care workers, such as care …show more content…
If a facility is unionized, participation by the union shop steward or designee is also desirable. The other participants would be able to offer suggestions based on their experiences with workplace violence and be able to offer their expertise and describe their potential exposure to workplace aggression. Thus, this collaboration would help standardize policies in their facility (Hartley, Ridenour, Craine, & Morrill, 2015). All of these interventions are great, but there are still many barriers to overcome them. Albeit challenging, preventing workplace violence is an issue that healthcare workers will continue to fight for. Overall, nurses should be aware what constitutes violence in the workplace, risk factors, and interventions they can perform to prevent a situational occurrence. As important, is for nurse leaders to provide resources and open communication so that nurses are not harmed and leave this

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