Nursing Reflective Essay

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Nursing is a profession I have always looked upon with a lot of respect. From a very early age I have really loved the idea of working with people, assisting them and working as part of a team. My wish to take this course in University in Adult Nursing was established after my first work placement at a care home where I was working with people who had a lot of different learning disabilities, the people who I worked with were all different ages from young to old. During my time at the care home, I enjoyed talking to, helping and caring for the residents and developing relationships with them and this is something that really attracts me to a career in adult nursing. My experience of working in the care home has also taught me how to work well …show more content…
This has equipped me with dealing with emergency situations and given me a small insight in to what it is like to care for people. Another important subject which I have studied is Health, Safety and Security, this subject has taught me about health and safety in the workplace and hazards that could come with severe consequences. During this subject I have had to create a number of risk assessments in order to understand what could go wrong in an activity or workplace. I had to carry out a risk assessment in preparation for my work placement in St. David’s Care in the Community to understand what could go wrong and what needs to be done to prevent something for going wrong. This subject has helped me a lot in understanding risk assessments and health and safety in the workplace, I can carry on the information I have learnt in this subject into a career in nursing as all of the information which I have learnt in this subject is vital for a nursing profession. I enjoy helping people of all ages and this will be helpful in my future career in adult nursing. I have a genuine interest in caring for vulnerable people as I had a Great-Grandmother who suffered

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