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The Lawful knowledge is recognized as a guide in providing people with basic knowledge regarding the ethical code and what is right or wrong in the society as a whole. The Corporations Law gives us a deep understanding with regard to how to establish, operate a business accordingly, rather importantly, it states that the duty of reasonable businessperson is to comply with those rules and regulations provided by the Corporations Act. In this reflection, there are a few issues that I would like to discuss:
➢ First, in terms of the strategies of learning, I believe that pre-reading and workshop activity are fundamental,
➢ Second, the passive learning is crucial,
➢ Third, self-review assists us to understand the laws in depth.
➢ Finally, lectures and group discussion sessions not only strengthen my understanding, but also broaden my legal knowledge substantially.
Needless to say that this unit is much tougher than the others I have been doing, while the knowledge I have acquired would have enormous effect on my later career development because of its importance in business activities.


There is strong link between the pre-reading and workshop activity, it is more likely that good preparation on pre-reading and the workshop activity could result in a success, they have been playing crucial roles in our studying of this unit it is due to the fact that,

➢ To begin with, it is unlikely for us to ‘digest’ the…

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