Nimesh Patel: How To Win A Baseball Game

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How to win a baseball game
Nimesh Patel

Hitting a baseball in considered to be one of the most difficult things to accomplish in all of sports.. At the pro level hitters have around 0.4 seconds to react to a 95mph fastball. Hitting is one of the main aspects of the game and you have to hit to win.

Practice hard. If you don’t practice you’ll never get better. You also have to practice how you would play. If you’re messing around in practice and not taking it seriously then that’s how you’ll play when you’re in a game.

2. Be a good teammate.
Baseball is a team sport and you can’t play with only 1 person. Everybody has to work together as a team to win games. Being a good teammate is not only cheering on your team but also giving

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