New Technological Advances Have Allowed Many Nurses Across The World

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New technological advances have allowed many nurses across the world to do their jobs better. In the past, many nurses lacked education, helpful essentials, and practiced poor care plans that not only put themselves, and their patient in a much worse condition. Now in present day, nurses change lives every day. With new technology, nurses are able to do their jobs safer, and more efficiently by being able to provide better care for each patient, obtaining well education to meet standards, and being able to work with high tech equipment that makes their jobs much easier.
Education is always essential with any type of job. Nursing education was much different from current day education in colleges. Then, many nurses actually went to school day and night. Instead of gaining a degree in two to four years, nurses would gain their “diploma” in half the time. Now, diplomas are being replaced with associate and bachelor degrees. Education has changed dramatically over the years by more hands on training. Nursing programs have classroom setups alike to hospital settings to prepare future nurses of what it is really like. Nursing education has also improved by making it more accessible to others. Many classes can be taken online, or the usual face to face course. With many new regulations rising as years go on, a nurse having the right amount of education is a must. Then, most nurses would train for a month and immediately start working with the sick. Today, many nurses don’t start…

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