New Hire Case Study Essay

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New Hire Case Study
Joseph Parham

Glen Dayley

New Hire Case Study
Executive Summary
This case study analysis depicts a new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., who has been on the job for six months. Carl was tasked with recruiting 15 new hires for the operations department to begin working by the month of July. As this is his very first recruiting endeavor, Carl wants to make sure that everything goes well. Carl soon finds out that none of the drug screens were completed for his new hires; new hire paperwork and orientation manuals are incomplete. Also, the training room where he had planned to hold the new hire orientation has been reserved for the entire month of June.
In order to resolve the key problems that Carl is
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The problem that exists at ABC is that there is not standard procedures and documentation in place to complete the proper steps to a successful new hire onboarding. Key Problems
The Key problems that Carl needs to resolve before the New hire Orientation on June 15 are as follows: * New Hire Paperwork in one folder, completed all at once * Orientation Manuals created and approved by Management * Meeting Room Scheduling & Availability
New Hire Paperwork
The alternative to having all new hire paperwork completed at once would be to complete only the employment application when applying for the position. If the candidate is then selected for the position, they will proceed to fill out additional documentation. They will then request transcripts and complete a drug test. One possible issue that may arise is the company may have possible delays and start dates might need to be moved to a later date. There is also the possibility of paperwork being misplaced and certain documents not requested.

Orientation Manuals
In regards to the orientation manuals, ABC could setup a projector on Orientation day and display the orientation manual and policy manuals on a whiteboard. At this time, the new employees can be handed out a summary of the orientation manual and policy manuals. A potential issue that may occur with this is that Human Resources or

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