New Beginnings Are Always The Hardest Essay

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New Beginnings are Always the Hardest
New beginnings are always hard. That is what I always say when I start with a new thing. For example, when I joined the English Language Program. In my first day, I was nervous and started asking myself how I could be a good listener, speaker, reader and writer? Then, my mom and dad motivated me by telling me that no matter how hard it seems, it will get easier with time if you will work hard. However, the most difficult classes I faced in the English Language Program were the writing classes because I knew that I am bad at brainstorming and taking notes.
The reason that I did not practice myself to do all the writing process such as brainstorming, summarizing, quotation, and editing. Even though, back in my country when I was in elementary school my mom kept telling me to write whatever I want like what I did on the weekend, or what I have learned from life whether if it is good or bad. Also, about things that made me happy, sad, or new things I learned from school on the weekdays. My mom kept pushing me to do all that just to make me ready for college.
At the English Language Program, my first writing assignment was to write about any city that I have been visited. I had to write for three pages, which were really hard for me at that time. I visited many cities, but I was wondering which city that I can talk about it for three pages. The prompt was challenging me to choose a city that would be easy to describe and attract the reader.…

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