Negative Impact Of Advertising In Advertising

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Advertising and media roles often play an important role in everyday life, and messages often relay to young women about beauty are often harmful and misinterpreted.The female image and what women should or could look like in marketing and advertising in particular is a trending controversial topic. Advertising can be portrayed through positive ways but often times they are negative. In one scholarly article written by (British Journal), reads “ the mass media is described as the loudest and most aggressive purveyors of images and narratives of ideal sender beauty.” For many women who are exposed to these advertisements often think about themselves as not beautiful or not falling under the stereotype of not having the perfect “ideal body”. All women in today’s society are particularly vulnerable to be disturbed and uncomfortable with talking about their self image. The study of controversial images through the media has raised questions about whether it is real or fake content.The negative …show more content…
In other words, as viewers of this media, often notice how flawless models are. Flawless skin, perfect makeup, or high lifted cheekbones are traits in which categorizes a women that is “ideal”. Photographers that are put in charge of a certain advertisement, will use photoshop or an editing device to take out the blemishes to make the image more appealing to sell a product. In a recent scholarly article, Feona Attwood discusses the controversy of the latest Dove Campaign between the photographers and the viewers. Attwood discusses “.. an invisible photoshop artist goes to work, elongating her neck, arching her eyebrows widening her eyes, etc.” This is evidence that women are just being used to sell beauty products not only in this advertisement, but in every other type of women beauty

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